Audio-guides. As part of the “Silesian System of Tourist Information” project, the Tourist Information Municipal Centre received 40 audio-guides for tourists. The audio-guides present three city tour routes: the Biała route, the Bielsko route and the children route. Each route takes about 40 minutes. Polish, English and German language versions are available. The devices consist of a mini receiver and stereo headphones, and the operation is very simple. One audio-guide can be used by two adults. Rental is free but it requires presentation of an id document for personal data verification, filling an audio-guide rental form, payment of a refundable deposit in the amount of PLN 50 for each device and reading of the rental terms and conditions. Audio-guides may be rented in our centre’s working hours, that is from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Audio-guides are quite popular, especially among pack tours or the residents of Bielsko-Biała. Audio-guide full version is available for listeners also on the website of the Silesian Tourism Association (Śląska Organizacja Turystyczna) The app may also be downloaded on a mobile device.

Listen to the full version of our audio-guide

The audio-guide rental terms and conditions

1. Audio-guides are rented from MCIT’s office in Bielsko-Biała, open:

  • Mondays through Fridays 8:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday – 8:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.

2. Audio-guides are the property of the Silesian Tourism Association (Śląska Organizacja Turystyczna) and they are let to be used by MCIT.

3. Audio-guides consist of a mini receiver and stereo headphones.

4. After rental, a device should be returned in a condition not worse than prior to collection, on the same day, not later than 30 minutes before MCIT office closing time. In exceptional cases, rental time may be prolonged, but not more than for two days. Extended return time should be notified and agreed with MCIT staff, prior to rental.

5. Rental is free of charge. Persons renting audio-guides are fully responsible for a device, including all the risks, subject to the following terms and conditions applicable for pack tours.

6. Audio-guides are rented upon presentation of an ID document only, for verification of personal data indicated in a rental form, filling of an audio-guide rental form, payment of a refundable deposit in the amount of PLN 50 for each device and reading the terms and conditions of audio-guide rental.

7. In case of pack tours (families, trips, etc.), (a pack tour means a group of 4 or more), a refundable deposit is:  100 PLN for 4 audio-guides. In case of renting more than 4 audio-guides, a PLN 50 fee is charged for each started multiple of 2. (e.g. for 5 or 6 devices, a total fee is PLN 150; for 7 or 8 – PLN 200, etc.)

8. In case of pack tours from institutions seated in Bielsko-Biała , such as schools, non-government organizations, organizational units or delegates visiting the city of Bilesko-Biała on invitation of city government, may be exempt from the deposit payment. The decision on the above is made by MCIT staff.

9. An audio-guide rental form includes the following details: customer name and surname, address, serial number of an ID document with a picture, personal identification PESEL number, if applicable, a description of the condition of a an audio-guide rented, a refundable deposit amount, date and time of renting, date and time of return, a description of the condition of the returned audio-guide, signature of MCIT staff member, customer telephone number, number of audio-guides, payment and repayment receipt numbers in a cash register report as well as confirmation of the Terms and Conditions of audio-guide rental.

10. Audio-guides are rented to adults. Audio-guides are not rented to persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

11. Prior to renting an audio-guide, customers are obliged to inspect its technical condition, any defects should be reported to MCIT staff, prior to rental. Prior to rental, customers should read the audio-guide rental terms and conditions.

12. Audio-guides can be rented only in MCIT working hours, however, one hour before the closing time, audio-guides will not be rented.

13. If an audio-guide is kept for a time longer than stated in the rules and regulations, and for each day of delay, customers commit to pay the PLN 50 fine for each day of delay in returning the audio-guide.

14. In case they loose an audio-guide, customers commit to refund its full value – PLN 1400.00 and PLN 20.00 for headphones. In case of a damage to a mini receiver, customers commit to pay the amount of PLN 300 and in case of a damage to headphones – the fine is PLN 20.

15. In both of the cases indicated in points 14 and 15, the deposit shall be included in the renting’s party liability.

16. When a customer does not return an audio-guide in due time, MCIT staff are obliged to send, by confirmed receipt registered letter, one call for return of the audio-guide rented (a reminder). Customers are obliged to refund the cost of such a reminder, in the amount of PLN 10 for each reminder.

17. From customers who, in spite of a reminder, shall not comply with the requirements defined in these terms and conditions, MCIT shall claim damages under legal regulations, without additional call to fulfil obligations towards MCIT, authorised to do so by the Silesian Tourist Organization.

18. The equipment was purchased by the Silesian Tourist Organization as part of the Silesian Tourist Information System project subsidized by the European Union under RPO WSL 2007-2013.

The audio-guide rental terms and conditions in PDF