Bielsko and Biała’s coat of arms

Bielsko and Biała's coat of arms

The merging of the sister towns of Bielsko and Biała in 1951, to create one structure, gave rise to an interesting heraldic issue – a combined usage of both of the coats of arms. Historical origins of each of them were totally different, because they were designed in different epochs – the Bielsko’s coat of arms – in XVth century, and the Biała’s coat of arms – in XVIIIth century.

The Bielsko’s coat of arms incorporates half of the Dukes of Cieszyn’s coat of arms – an eagle with its head turned right. It is a symbol of the time when Bielsko belonged to the Dukedom of Cieszyn. The field on the left represents three white lilies on the red field. They are a modified half of the Wrocław bishops’ coat of arms.

The Biała’s coat of arms presents 5-petal roses that symbolise 5 wounds of Jesus Christ. Another interpretation says that they are supposed to forebode prosperity and good luck of the then-young town and its residents, that could be achieved with everyday hard work and effort in commitment to God.