Recreation areas


DĘBOWIEC – One of the most popular „easy hiking destinations On the peak, there is a sports and recreation centre (outdoor fitness equipment, a playground, a ropes course), a mountain hut and a view terrace, from which you can admire Bielsko. In winter, the resort turns into the ski slope with a chairlift and a T-bar lift. This is also the starting point for two tourist trails (red level and green level) leading up Mount Szyndzielnia. Mount Dębowiec can also be reached via two longer routes: a red trail form Cygański Las or a blue one from Kamienica. How to get there: by car: take the Partyzantów street, turn right into Aleja Gen. Andersa, turn left into Armii Krajowej street and go straight until you reach a car park; from there, it is about 15 minutes walk; by bus: line No. 8 (destination: Szyndzielnia) or bus No. 7

WAPIENICA I DOLINA WAPIENICY – The valley is one of the best preserved natural areas in the Silesian Beskids. Undoubtedly, it is the most valuable part of the city, as regards nature and landscape. Numerous benches, tennis and chess tables and a large playground are installed there. Also, the President Mościcki artificial water reservoir with a dam is located there. Since 1990, the valley area is a part of the Wapienica Environmental Park, where many rare species of plants and animals can be observed. They are described on informational boards along the route. This is also the starting point for the yellow level trail to Szyndzielnia and a blue one leading to Błatnia.How to get there: by car: Piastowska street, then Cieszyńska street to Wapienica, then – turn left and follow the streets: Jaworzańska, Zapora and Tartaczna (keep straight all the time); by bus: line No. 16 up to the final bus stop.

MIKUSZOWICE BŁONIA – perfectly developed recreational and sports area in Bielsko. You can walk or cycle around, take a rest on one of numerous benches or have a snack in one of many local bars. For children, the Błonia area is a real paradise: a modern playground and a bike safety town with a bike rental. For overnight visitors, we offer the “Ondraszek” camp-site and Hotel na Błoniach. Just around the corner of the hotel, one of the easiest hiking trails in Bielsko has been marked out – up Mount Kozia Góra. Błonia is a place where many concerts, festivals and open-air events are held; nowadays most of them are organized within the facilities of the University of Bielsko (former University of Technology). How to get there: by car: Partyzantów street, then Bystrzańską- then turn right and follow Szeroka street and Czołgistów street; by bus: line No. 24 up to the final bus stop, line No. 10, 12, 57 ( Bystrzańska-Bewelana stop ), line No. 1 up to the final stop ( across Cygański Las or Pocztowa street). It is about 20 min walk.

CYGAŃSKI LAS – It is a park situated in a forest, with wide paths and few benches. Cygański Las is a perfect place for leisure and recreation. You can hike, ride a bike and do sports there (tennis courts and a swimming pool are available, a sports club and a small ski and sled slope are in the vicinity) or simply have a rest, surrounded by nature. It is the starting point for two tourist trails, yellow and green level. The yellow trail leads through the Kozia Przełęcz pass (before you reach it, you can turn left towards Mount Kozia Góra) and the Kołowrót pass to Mount Szyndzielnia, whereas the green trail goes towards Błonia and then rises up to Kozia Góra along the luge track (out of operation). How to get there: by car: Partyzantów street , then follow Olszówka street until you reach an old tram depot building (currently – a pastry shop); by bus: line No. 1, 14 up the final stop.

STRACONKA – The particularly attractive walking areas in Straconka include: an old Quarry (to the local bus stop at Górska-Kościół street, then walk to Mała Straconka street), the Straconka Boulevards and the Przegibek pass. It is an excellent place for walking and cycling. A small playground is also located there. How to get there: by car: Żywiecka street, then Górska; by bus: line No. 11.

LOTNISKO W ALEKSANDROWICACH – The recreation area stretching along the sports airport. Gliders are launched and planes with parachutists take off there. It is a favourite place of plane model makers. Open-air, windy area with breathtaking views over Bielsko and Szyndzielnia. Walking and cycling lanes, as well as a roller skating rink are separated. In the summer, a bar with a garden and playground for children is open to public. How to get there:
by car: Szarotki street, then Lotnicza street; by bus: line No. 7, 10 (Cieszyńska street) or line No. 1, 6 (Szarotki street).

KAMIENICA – A district of Bielsko-Biała situated along Kamieniec stream – a tributary of the Biała river, from which its name is derived. How to get there: by car: Partyzantów street, then Karpacka street; by bus: line No. 7.